Dr. Ahmad Alsharif – Testimonial

Dr. Ahmad Alsharif

Dr. Ahmad Alsharif


let me be honest that when I first decided to learn German was that through a friend studying at LGC, I started learning for fun, experience and getting to know more languages and cultures. Definitely the courses were so great, LGC and the staff made me love the language and think to plan for going, living and working in Germany. At the beginning it was a bit difficult, but in LGC you gradually start to forget these 2 words “difficult & impossible”. I really was waiting every two days for the lecture to enjoy and spend the best time. I’m sure that LGC staff are highly chosen depending on their proficiency, high level and qualification. I started in October 2015 and got my B2 Certificate in November 2016, I was not in a hurry, so 12 months were more than enough to achieve even more.

When meeting people in Germany, I found that my level is better than many students who have been here for months, and they all were surprised when I tell them that it’s my first month in Germany. One of the most important points is that during the 12 months I never felt even for once that LGC are working for money, you rarely find such a place doing that. They have creative ways of teaching, every instructor knows well what to do, the wasting time during lectures was 0%.

I really admit that LGC is the best place in Jordan one can learn German at. And let me say it clearly that they teach better than many centers inside Germany itself. I will never forget the favour they did to me, and here would like to mention by name the great instructors who taught me from the first to the last day: Mrs. Sawsan Hijazi, Ms Rawan Qtaish, Ms Razan I’shaqat, Mrs Roqia Al-Shami,  Ms Sasha Habjouqa, Ms Dana Elias, Ms Lana Al-Zou’bi, Ms Nur Al-Haymoni and above all the Great Doctor and Director of LGC Dr. Renata Asali and Mr Jamil Asali for their great efforts personally. In addition to the other great staff I got also to know the Management (Mrs May Asali-Shihabi) and Management Assistants Rawan Jarrah, Othman Thieyabat and Rakan Rawahneh.

If time goes back, I will just surely repeat the same experience. I advice everyone with the intention to learn German to start with LGC.

Liebe Grüße aus Dortmund,

Ahmad Alsharif (24.03.2017)

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