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Language Generation Center … known as LGC, is a Multilanguage institute in Amman, Jordan. The center was founded for the purpose of teaching different languages, especially German, English and Arabic for foreigners.

Language Generation Center is also an official ÖSD examination Center for the German language exams needed for studying and working in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

Language Generation Center is a member of the professional association German as a foreign language FaDaF (German: Fachverband Deutsch als Fachsprache) and follows FaDaF’s quality criteria.

Language Generation Center is approved to translate all papers requested by the German Embassy. We translate Arabic, German, English and vice versa.

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Ali Mansour
Ali Mansour, 10.01.2020

شكرا لكم من كل قلبي يعطيكم العافيه جميعا ادارة و معلمين برجع بحكي مرة تانيه انتو مش مجرد مركز لتعليم اللغه انتم بمثابة الاهل (بيتي التاني ) مكان و لا اروع تنوع في اساليب التدريس و معلمين على مستوى عالي من الكفأه بدرسو من كل قلبهم (جننتهم بالاسئلة و الشرح و التوضيح و التصليح طبعا كل هاد كان من وقتهم الخاص) و بحب اضيف انو التدريس في مركز جيل للغات ماكان مجرد لغه وبس، حتى الثقافه و الحضارة الالمانية تعلمتها في المركز من خلال النقشات و الواجبات الي بدور بالحصص.


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We offer a lot of extracurricular activities for all students through which you’ll get to know about every language and their culture and learn a lot of the chosen language while you are at LGC. Through our  language-partner program our students will be able to use the newly acquired language in reality. Our team is also participating diversity of training programs as well as hosting companies to offer more services for our customers.

10/06/2021: We are pleased to announce our new registered trademark logo!

LGC's New Trademark Logo
LGC’s New Trademark Logo
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