German Language Exams

Österreich - Schweiz - Deutschland
Authorized German Language Exams for Austria – Switzerland – Germany

The ÖSD is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign Language. ÖSD exams correspond to the levels of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR) and “Profile deutsch”.

LGC is an official German language examination center since 2015. ÖSD German language exams are recognized in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as worldwide e.g. for studying or applying for a job.

The registration is open for all announced exam days and the procedure should be finished 4 weeks before the exam. Please provide us with your passport, personal photo and in case of repeating the exam the old certificate (“not passed” A1, A2, B2, C1 and “passed” B1). In case of cancellation before the deadline to register the exam fee is refunded less an administrative fee of 15 JD. In case of cancellation after that, no refunds can be issued.

Register online, now here for 2022.

Summary: You will need a signed form, electronic passport photo, a copy of your passport and a signed self-declaration form (COVID-19).

Self-declaration form you can download in Arabic or in English here.

  • Filled form is valid for 2 days only in order to complete it with the payment but also no longer valid after the deadline of registration. After receiving the exam fees, a payment confirmation with your seat number will be sent to you via email.
  • Seats are limited.
  • Regulations regarding withdrawal from exam are unchanged. Repayment is only possible in a Jordanian bank account.
  • With the submitting of your registration you completely agree with all terms and conditions of LGC and OSD.

Regarding the current COVID-19 crisis, we are following Jordanian health authority and government guidance.

  1. Before entering the center, your body temperature will be measured. Is it shown higher than 38°C, admission to the center will be refused and the participant will not be able to take the exam. Also, if you had contact with an infected person, or if you have heavy cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms, you cannot participate.
  2. Bring only your passport or ID card. Any other item (e.g. phone, bag, invoice) should not be brought to the exam.
  3. Bring your own mask and for the oral exam use only the blue disposable mask.
  4. Certificate of Covid-Vaccination or PCR Test (not older than 72h) have to be provided in order to enter the Center.

The dates for the German A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 exams in 2022. The exam days may vary +/- up to two to three days. Oral exams might be within a week after the written exam or couple of days before the exam date. The exact exams days/hours will be sent to you approx. one week before the announced exam date.

Seats are limited! Changes are reserved.

Exam Date

(Changes reserved)

Last Day to Register


Last Day to Drop

Dates on this page are the updated ones!(Seats are limited)
08.01.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 05.01.-09.01.2022
05.02.2022 (A1-C1)
*exams within 02.02.-06.02.2022
16.02.2022 (additional exam B1 ONLY)
*exams within 15.02.-19.02.2022
05.03.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 02.03.-06.03.2022
26.03.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 23.03.-27.03.2022
30.04.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 25.04.-30.04.2022
28.05.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 26.05.-30.05.2022
25.06.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 22.06.-26.06.2022
23.07.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 20.07.-24.07.2022
20.08.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 17.08.-21.08.2022
17.09.2022 (A1-C1)
*exams within 14.09.-18.09.2022
15.10.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 12.10.-16.10.2022
12.11.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 09.11.-13.11.2022
10.12.2022 (A1-B2)
*exams within 07.12.-11.12.2022

The fees for the exams in 2022:

A1: 95 JD intern and 105 JD extern

A2: 100 JD intern and 115 JD extern

B1 partial (modules intern/extern):

1 module 50 JD, 2 modules 70 JD, 3 modules 100 JD, 4 modules 130 JD

B2 110 JD intern and 145 JD extern

C1: 115 JD intern and 150 JD extern

More about ÖSD: German Language Authorized Examinations

If failed and you wish to see your exam results, please write a request to This is only possible up to three days after the exam’s results. The results will be published around a week after the exam, the certificate will be issued approx. after 2-4 weeks. For the fees for repeating the exams please contact the Center. For all information regarding marks and certificate please follow our facebook page and kindly avoid calling or sending messages:

NOTE: No claims (payment receipts, exam fees, etc.) are accepted after the calendar year is finished. Date of booking is crucial.

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