Testimonial for German Courses at LGC

Toqa Hilal
Dear LGC -Team,
As a master-student that has successfully made it twice to Germany, I have to admit, that I wouldn’t have made it so far without the linguistic support of Dr. Renata Asali and her German courses. She and her staff always managed to combine highly effective, yet also entertaining teaching methodologies, friendly treatment and vocational commitment altogether.
Numerous times, I had the privilege of having Dr. Renata Asali as my teacher, be it at the University of Jordan or Goethe Institute or even further languages’ institutions. Interestingly but not surprisingly, her efforts and unconditional linguistic support never disappointed me.
Further positive aspects of LGC are its tremendous flexibility and the personal attention one gets there, which eventually boils down in tackling individual linguistic problems to crack them down. Thus, and premised on the ahead mentioned reasons, I would like hereby to congratulate the LGC-Team for the relatively new opening, wish them nothing but success and recommend it to everyone, especially ambitious success-seekers.
Shine on, LGC team!
Warm greetings from Bonn, Toqa Hilal