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Movie and Iftar

Dear LGC students, kindly be invited with your family members and friends to our yearly sharing Iftar. Before Iftar we would like to watch a movie together. Ahlan wa sahlan

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Start: German

B1.1 Sat/Mon/Wed 4-6pm, starts 19/7 B1.2 INTENSIVE Sat/Mon/Wed 3:30-6pm, then 3:30-7pm, starts 19/7 B2.1 Sat/Mon/Wed 4-6pm, starts 19/7 Classes 4-6pm will change after Eid 5:30-8pm. Ahlan wa sahlan.

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Registration: German

Register now till 17/7/2014 for: MEDICAL GERMAN!! Sun/Wed/Thu 3:30-6pm, then Sun/Tue/Wed 5:30-8pm, starts 20/7/2014. A1.1 Sun/Tue/Thu 4-6pm, starts 20/7 A1.2 Sat/Mon/Wed 5:30-8pm, starts 2/8 A2.1 Sun/Tue/Thu 4-6pm, starts 20/7 A2.2….

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