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Activities 2021

LGC is pleased to introduce to you its new company logo which was recently registered as a trademark. While it was further developed in order to add the LGC brand,…

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Activities 2020

This winter in Jordan is expected to be colder than usual. For most of us, it means cuddling under the blanket for warmth, lying in our comfort zone and drinking…

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Ali Mansour – Testimonial

شكرا لكم من كل قلبي يعطيكم العافيه جميعا ادارة و معلمين برجع بحكي مرة تانيه انتو مش مجرد مركز لتعليم اللغه انتم بمثابة الاهل (بيتي التاني ) مكان و لا…

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