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Rami Abu-Alhuda (Medical Doctor - Jordan)

Rami Abu-Alhuda (Medical Doctor – Jordan)

LGC is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and gorgeous language centers in Jordan. It provides a wide range of languages for you to choose and different teaching methods. I took all my german language courses in the LGC from A1 to C1. The atmosphere in the classroom is amazing. Flexible hours. They actually want you to learn and improve your language. I am now working in Germany and everybody is amazed by the level of Deutsch that I have. Thanks to LGC i passed all my exams in Goethe. I highly recommend this center for anyone who wants to learn German or any other language. I wish Dr. Asali and Frau Shihabi all the best.

Rami Abu-Alhuda (15/01/2015)