Abdirahman Ayanle – Testimonial

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Dr. Abdirahman Ayanle

Dr. Abdirahman Ayanle

To learn the German Language with passion and to get B2 Certificate in 9 months was a dream and LGC made it possible for me to reach that milestone in a short period of time. When I moved to Germany and started my Hospitation (Clinical Observership), one of the first things I remember is, that the Department Director and many other colleagues – while introducing to each other – have asked me “How long have you been in Germany?” I said it was my second day!! Then they surprisingly asked me, where & how long did I take German courses. I answered I learnt it at LGC in Amman in nine months. It was obviously a shock because no one could believe to learn German in a such short period.

I remember one of the slogans that I used to see in LGC “Impossible is POSSIBLE in LGC”! Thanks to all LGC’s German team, who empowered me to chase my dreams. Today I received my Approbation (Permanent Medical License in Germany).

Thank you so much Ms Dara Ba’ra (my first great German Instructor), Ms Sarah Salih (the inspiring Instructor), Ms Lana Al-Zou’bi (the great B2-Instructor) , Mr Michael Alszer (the great German Medical Course Instructor) and special Thanks goes to the Director of the Center Dr. Renata Asali.

Liebe Grüße aus Herne, Abdirahman Ayanle (14/12/2016)